Whitening Gels Used to In Retail and Professional Whitening Treatments

Posted November 23, 2016.

Social situations always seem to go smoother when you have a winning smile. Unfortunately, many of the foods we eat and the simple passage of time can make our smiles stained and lose their luster. Fortunately, dental whitening treatments can bring it back and boost your confidence as well!

Make sure that you consult with our dentist before deciding to use any new whitening product. This way he can make sure you are using the best product to address your staining issues.

Gels are used to deliver the peroxide whitening solution to your teeth. Different products and whitening systems use different types and concentrations of whitening gels, so they each have different advantages and drawbacks.

Whitening gels most often use hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as the whitening agent. Gels used in professional treatments use stronger concentrations than are available in stores.

To use whitening gel, you pour a little into the trays provided. The trays are then inserted into your mouth and held there for up to half an hour. If any of the whitening gel gets on your gums, you should remove it immediately with a clean cotton swab.

If your teeth are badly stained, or you just haven’t been satisfied by your results from whitening products sold in stores. In a situation like this, our dentist can perform a professional dental bleaching procedure to safely and effectively whiten even the deepest stained teeth.

If you would like to explore your whitening options, please feel free to call our office in Springfield, Pennsylvania, to set up a consultation with Dr. Robert Walinchus. We look forward to assisting you!