3D CT Dental Scan

Dr. Robert E. Walinchus uses the best 3D CT Scan in Springfield, PA for wide range of dental techniques, particularly for dental implant therapy. Our 3D CT Scan process provides the best three dimensional images of a patient’s jaws and allows for pre-surgical treatment planning and virtual surgery resulting in safe and precise implant placement.

Benefits of Our 3D CT Scan Process:

  • Shortens surgical time
  • Reduces post-operative pain and swelling
  • Same day treatment
  • Pre-operative computer planning
  • Less expensive

In addition to its uses in dental implant therapy, our 3D CT Scanner is useful for complex dental surgeries as well. Radiation exposure from our 3D CT Scanner is significantly less than from other scanners used in hospitals. Lastly, the 3D CT Scans performed at our facility is significantly less expensive than those performed in other dental hospitals.